Our Services include but are not limited to

  • Exploration Hour¬†– a preliminary session where we assess your business case, identifying crucial gaps and potential areas for improvement.
  • Business Case Evaluation: Get a clear perspective on your ideas as we evaluate diverse aspects of your plans and provide insights into their feasibility.
  • BP Check (Business Plan Check): We analyze your business plan’s structure, identify gaps, and provide strategic concepts for enhancement.
  • Refining Business Models: We assess and refine your business model, ensuring it’s robust and adaptable to the ever-changing biotech landscape.
  • Financial Modeling and Assessment: Uncover gaps in your financial model and receive an informed assessment, including venture capital considerations (in collaboration with our Partners at VCC (Venture Capital Consulting GmbH)
  • Operational Team Support: We analyse¬† operational aspects of your company, including project management, work flows and organisational structure, and help streamline your team’s effectiveness.